05 June 2019


Super short lived and vaguely mysterious, San Francisco's FOSSOR HOUSE didn't really "come and go" in a flash," rather they lurked under the radar for a few years before fading so quietly that you wondered if they were ever really there. With this two song cassette and Performing Borders as the apparent entirety of their recorded output, a casual observer could be forgiven for missing them completely...even though it would be that consumers lost. These were '00s kids grown up as '10s young adults, and they were reaching back to the late '80s for inspiration and turning that inspiration into something distinctly theirs. MISSION OF BURMA, MOVING TARGETS, the melodic and forceful Midwest, second wave DC - FOSSOR HOUSE take what they need from wherever they find it. Most people probably knew their other bands a little better, but I dare say that this could be the one with real staying power. 

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