07 June 2019


The story is pretty simple: A couple of heads (including Sonny Rollins' nephew) were in the Ohio state penitentiary in the '60s, and they had a band with several other inmates (of questionable musical talent). The Ohio State University band visited the prison and ended up jamming with these dudes, and a few members hatched a plan to record a session with them. These four tracks were the result of that session, recorded in the prison's chapel. Meandering and overwhelmingly peaceful jazz, borrowing from classic bop and meandering through the spiritual and psychedelic sounds and influences of the time.  "Counterry Bossa Devan" and "Psych City" are the two mainstays, while "Java Man" hits hard on the organ and the horns are unleashed. "Mantra Dance" is the floor banger, with booming drums and a wildly swinging trumpet taking the lead - perhaps the most "typical" of the bunch, but perhaps the most infectious as a result. The history of the recording is as cool as the recording itself...and I can assure you that Hard Luck Soul sounds very very cool. Another artifact offered for modern consumption by the heads at Loathed Sound. 

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