14 June 2019


If you pay attention, then you've probably heard that Hattiesburg, Mississippi has been the coolest uncool spot in North America for the last few years. Reports of shows there are almost universally positive, and the vibe from the punks I've met from there is positive to say the least. Also....the bands kill, and that helps. There's something weird and awesome about one conversation with one person moving from CAPITALIST CASUALTIES shows in the '90s to the political climate in Jefferson County, where my mother grew up and the road in front of her house was informally named for her father and her high school was still segregate until after she graduated. But I'm not here to talk about the history of Mississippi, I'm here to talk about EYE JAMMY and DUMSPELL and DEEDEE CATPISS & THE FUZZCOFFINS. Because Hattiesburg punk rules, ok? They rolled deep and they support the hell out of each other and they make you feel like you wish that you lived in a scene that was as tight as theirs...which makes you wonder why you don't work harder to make your own scene like theird. JUDY & THE JERKS, SOFT SPOT, PLEATHER and DISCO LEMONADE round out the mix, and one listen will have this college hamlet on the "must hit" list for your next tour. 

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