07 November 2015


Absolutely moronic lo-fi nerd punk that is so bizarrely brilliant. And I mean "brilliant" along the lines of SOCKEYE, 50 MILLION and FAT DAY, which is to say that appear fully capable of crafting and disseminating legitimately brilliant tracks but insist on masking them so that only the truly righteous will be able to figure it out. It's entirely possible that they are really just an ultra lo-fi garage punk band with a witty sense of humor and incredibly good luck, but either way I'm onto you, WET POOPY NURSES, I'm hip to your game. Choice tracks include: "Fire Safety (And I Thought Safe Sex Was A Scam," "George H.W. Bush Is Dead," and "Beer Made Me A Heterosexual Man." Strap in, kids....the next eight minutes of your life will be a challenge that you may not be prepared for.


Matt said...

Definitely not California, these folks are from Plattsburgh, New York.

the wizard said...

Noted. As always, I appreciate the correction.