09 November 2015


I rediscovered this one when I was unpacking after ur recent move and I popped it in instantly...still bangs. Uncompromising black thrash from some of the same players (that helped bring you RHINOCERVS and the Silenzio Statico collective. Appropriately, THEY FEAR THE RECLAIM drop raw black metal tinged hardcore on you like a ton of bricks on their early '00s demo...guitars are so fukkd sounding and the vocals seem so painful but the power here is hardcore to my ears, even on that drumbeat that wraps up "Dismantling The Blame." This is the sound of pure and desperate power and struggle - how they crammed it into a little plastic shell is a mystery.


rog said...

Not sure about the things you mentioned but during this time two of the members were in Resist and Exist and the AGC Collective plus the August Collective. One of them now sings for Blazing Eye. Any chance you could upload this on Youtube, I can't find my copy :(

the wizard said...

Link is live....didn't know there was an R&E connection, but that totally makes sense.