15 November 2015


Just look at that motherfucker in his straight edge letterman jacket and his CHAIN OF STRENGTH hoodie and his index finger stretched out and ready to indicate when you need to sing along....yeah, look and that motherfucker and know that his band is called TIED DOWN and they sound exactly like you think they might, except they are better. This is the 2012 six banger repacked two years later (that's last year, if you're keeping track) with two bangers from a different studio session. Initial demo tracks are heavier, but "Step Back" is the bangingest track on the tape (dude, the drum fills that open that track make drip a little in my pants and the breakdown will drop you to your knees - and the fukkn thing isn't even 60 seconds long). Brutally poignant edge/core from Buffalo, these kids do more in seven minutes than most bands do with their entire discographies. Get ready to be a little tougher than you were before you listened to this....and also to mosh. Yeah, get ready to mosh. Hard.

you think you're the only one
the only one with problems
take a fucking step back, man
look at this world we live in

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