18 November 2015


Total under the radar Japanese ripper from 2002, this demo was put to wax by 625 a couple of years later and is probably waiting for you in your local bargain bin (because Western record shoppers are clueless, apparently). Metal tinged fast hardcore delivered with precision and unmatched ferocity, much of the tape can be compartmentalized as fastcore, but "Not Parts" stands out not only as a departure from the style but as arguably the best song on the tape....though the blazing simplicity of "Back To Basic" that kicks in next is pretty hard to fuck with (most bands go from blast beats into breakdowns, or blast beats into hardcore riffs...WE MUST BURN goes from a blast beat into a faster blast beat). Total quality.

I have two copies of this tape...the one with no cover has a seventh song which I have included for your pleasure. It's a really good song, and I like to share.

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Adrián Osorio said...

Thanks Wizard, we love the sharing.