28 November 2015


I kinda felt like this band was the poor man's DEAD MILKMEN. I mean, the cow on the cover didn't hurt, but it was mostly that jangly guitar and endearing adolescent sense of humor masking legitimate social commentary...and some killer tracks, of course. THE JUDY'S weren't as fast or as in your face as their Philadelphia contemporaries, but they were also a little earlier to the dance - 1981's decidedly more new wave killer Washarama dropped a full two years before the first MILKMEN demo. Tracks like "Joey The Mechanical Boy" and "Ghost In A Bikini" have a DEVO by way of B-52's flare, while much of this 1985 release is just punk-lite presented as palatable new wave...or maybe it was snarky new wave that appealed to punks. Whatever, I was a new wave kid just trying to hear anything new that I could shove in my earholes, and I listened to this thing hundreds of times in my teens. 

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is really great!
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