02 November 2015


Blackened Florida metalcrust that is every bit as powerful as those three words imply. Tampa's BASTARD DECEIVER are ugly and dark, and when they descend into those deliberate mid tempo plods ("Sick Nature" specifically) they go from pure power to shameless brutality. I feel like when bands try really hard to do something new, to push an envelops, to be different for the sake of being different...just listen to "The Void" and you'll see that it's more than enough to just do something right. This shit churns and grinds and it will turn your stomach - pure filth and pure power.


Anonymous said...

This band is no more, but they were great while they lasted. Played the (also now no more) 911 House in Gainesville to great effect.

Unknown said...

This band was great. Members moved on into Sacridose (I think they broke up recently)