19 November 2015


One of the many killer Bay Area outfits that existed while I lived in the Midwest, unfortunately this demo is the entirety of their output....but fortunately Greg floated me his copy because somehow having fewer things means you have to get rid of some of the good things. Quintessential East Bay punk, which is to say that ABANDON sounds like fukkn ABANDON - perhaps a sum of parts (parts that include but that are by no means limited to: FILTH, FIELDS OF SHIT, HUE & CRY, DYSTOPIA), or perhaps the product of simply writing songs without rules. Jake and Clara's vocals feed off each other perfectly, and Mauz and Jerry are so in the pocket at all times that it just makes sense when they start sneaking free jams into the tracks (I'm talking "Edgar Bastard" and "Sometimes The World Is Clean" specifically). These tracks (minus the PENI cover) found their way onto the Letters From The Landfill comp with THIS IS MY FIST, SHOTWELL and PEELS (aka OVENS) which you can probably track down easier than this tape...though the demo has cooler art.


Anonymous said...

Man , what a fantastic demo!!! Def takes me back to the Bay Area 1990's. And I usually hate Peni covers, but this cover is fantastic. When the drums n guitars kick in, the whole song just opens up & kinda has that Big Band sound that the Amebix had minus metal & minus Amebix, follow? Man I would love to get a hold of a copy but I'm sure that's a losing battle.
Anyway, thanks for posting, as always.

Adrián Osorio said...

the lyrics hit you.
and "Sometimes The World Is Clean" is so great, for my ears even have
that "neocrust" vibe.
thanks wizard.