20 November 2015


It's the guitar that wins me over. Not that everything NEW ARMOUR brings to the table isn't compelling....but those guitars are ultra damaged and tortured, even during "Vereor Nox" when they are doing beautiful things. Vanessa from LA LUNA suggested this one, and I appreciate the recommendation - pained and strained emotional sounds from Toronto. And the guitar....fukk, such a winner. So clean and so painful. Love it.


Derrick said...

Hi, I am the guitar player on this tape. Glad you like it! While the band isn't around anymore, here a couple things that came after:
The drummer on that tape and I did this:

And the singer on the NA tape and I have a new band now and we will have our first tape out next week:

Adrián Osorio said...

Thanks for sharing it wizard!
puts you in the mood (: