25 November 2015


The irony here is that this rudimentary bare bones du-pah-du-pah-du-pah early '00s punk from Ecuador is really not that far from the sound that today's kids are trying to pull off. But you can't fake this kind of urgency, you can't manufacture this kind of determination, and N.A.P.A. are hitting these tracks a force that can't be copied. "No Puede Ser" is the perfect example, the awkward 1-2-1-2 giving way to an off the rails attack at the 0:48 mark that clearly pushes the limits of the band's abilities. Vocals struggling under the white hiss guitar distortion that's competing with that washed out hi hat cymbals, just to give way to moments like the drum/vocal break in "Mierda En La Cabeza" - five seconds of sheer raw punk bliss that is easily worth the entire download. As always, you're welcome.

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Adrián Osorio said...

thanks wizard!
never heard of 'em before
..."Nacidos al podrido animal" if someone was wondering.