08 November 2015


Sometimes the simplest things hit you at just the right time, and that's exactly the case with this 199(?) demo. Four on the floor three chord pogo punk...it doesn't get much simpler but, when it clicks it just clicks, you know? The songs meander into straight up pop punk territory at times, but in that energetic and unassuming '90s manner (that explanation was for the 40-and-over crowd, perhaps) and with buzzsaw guitars politely pounding out the hooks while the drums try to figure out the absolute simplest way on earth to keep a beat (seriously, the double snare hit at the 1:26 mark of "Sair Por Aî" is the only non du-pa-du-pa part of the whole song)....because they are doing everything they need to do. Never mind "Mundo Kaos" and its attempt to be heavy and raging (though the "ANARQUIA!!" chorus is pretty sick), this band's calling was to crank out simple catchy punk tunes, and they did an excellent job.

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