07 September 2013


These maniacs sent me their second tape a few weeks ago and as much as I was smitten by the wash of noise on that first release, the mask of screeching distortion has been (at least partially) removed here to reveal pure and brilliant songs. Shades of '90s Gravity Records, a childlike admiration for SONIC YOUTH and adolescence spent listening to Midwestern hardcore and East Bay punk...these are all things that I imagine helped create TOTAL TRASH, but the band could just as easily be an earnest and filthy modern grunge/indie outfit cranking everything up louder than it should be...or a perfect accident.  You Don't Try is infinitely cleaner than last year's self titled release, but these hooks are still being bashed out with the subtlety of a jackhammer - and yet still the hooks are there. "Daddy Imarichgirl" is faster and more intent this time, while "Bugz" is the hit, a dreamy upbeat and hopelessly infectious number with off kilter (and ever so slightly off key) vocals that is followed by most determined and angry dirge that TOTAL TRASH have offered up thus far to close out the tape. All of it was good last time...it's better this time.

Good way to get your shit noticed when mailing it to Terminal Escape HQ? Make it look like this:

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