09 September 2013


Perhaps you care or perhaps you don't, but a small crew of miscreants from the town of Olympia, Washington have done something weird to the standard USHC brand. WHITE WARDS and GAG have corrupted the paradigm with filth and alienation over the last couple of years and the result has been quite pleasing. Well STERILIZED have taken that model and applied it to raging DBeat...and the results are similarly jaw dropping. Only three tracks here, but fukkn shit is this crucial beyond words. Bombed out and fierce as fukk, the vocals on "Heading For War" alone will melt the wax on whatever cool banger you scored last weekend that you though was essential. Just...wow.

You can get this from these dudes. Actually, you can get a lot of good things from them. Like real things that you can hold on your hands. Physical objects. Manifestations of the sounds you hear. It's worth it. Trust me. 

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Jason said...

I've been playing this video on repeat for a while:

great songs