26 September 2013


I was hanging out with an old friend who is more well versed in the world of metal (black, death, new wave of british heavy....all of it) than I am, a friend who is also much more articulate than I am, so I asked him what he thought about and how to describe RHINOCERVS (it was part of a larger discussion involving the Crepusculo Negro/Black Twilight scene). His response was simple and blunt: "They are the most compelling current North American Black Metal band." Exactly. You don't just put it on and rock out, these songs consume you, and while I do not think that this is the best RHINOCERVS release (that distinction falls on RHINOCERVS 11), these bleak sounds are nothing if not compelling. Total desperation and maximum intensity.

Many of you have sent messages requesting re-ups, I will get to them soon. I do a lot of things and manage my time poorly, this is a deadly combination.


The Thing That Should Not Be said...


Robert Dornenburg said...

Amazing quality on this upload. Great work. I tend to gravitate more toward the Rhinocervs collective than BTC. There's something way more intense about not knowing anything about these dudes. And the indigenous stuff gets a bit tiring...As far as best RH release? 14 gets my vote.

id said...

i love the artwork as well. it adds to the all consuming atmosphere! thanks for this!