15 September 2013


Sometimes noise is just, well...noise. There's an appeal to the sonic confusion of a barrage of harsh sound that is completely removed from any familiar kind of aural stimulation, but for me it's an appeal that is typically short lived and therefore I can only ingest in small doses. But artists who carefully construct and manipulate the noise and present it in the form of (and within the context of) music are something different entirely. DRAG AGE's swells of grating industrial sound flow like songs, arhythmic and lacking anything approaching a chorus but calculated, deliberate and indeed musical. Terrifying, but musical. "Blueberry Skull (Night Of Weeds)" is the standout - desperate notes pleading from behind a wall of relentless sound. 

There are several releases in the DRAG AGE arsenal, this one came from the All Hell label and was recorded in 2010.

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