05 September 2013


Japan's RUNNING CHICKENS play(ed) the kind of catchy pop punk that took the US underground by storm two decades ago and then blossomed into the behemoth that made it impossible to distinguish between "our" punks and MTV kids when cruising through Anytown, USA on tour. Go ahead and dismiss this as pop punk if you like but before you go, please note that these kids were doing this in 1991, which puts them on the very front end of that wave, and also please recognize that there were really good at it. "(I'm Gonna) Run Away" is the hit that never was and while the chicken trilogy might be a little trying, "Refuse" and "Break Down The Unity" are total killers that would have suited me quite nicely when this demo was recorded....22 years ago.

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Chad Weatherford said...

I'm liking Running Chickens. A little different from the usual stuff. This is the soundtrack to my birthday, which is today. Hehe.