24 September 2013


The first notable hardcore band from Singapore, OPPOSITION PARTY started in the mid '80s and are still active today. Their sound quickly progressed from UK influenced punk to metallic punk, and by the early '90s they were basically a metal band, sharing bills with larger metal acts that passed through the region. 1990's Brain Fucked EP from France's New Wave Records is probably the best chance for "western" punks to snag physical copies of their releases, most of which are still cassette and CDr demos. This two song teaser might not be the best introduction to the OPPOSITION PARTY, but their version of THE CURE's "Killing An Arab" is interesting at the very least, and the other track sounds like a metal band trying to fill a niche between DICKIES and pop music. Seriously. It's weird. And kinda awesome. There are certainly more important recordings by this band (I do not know where or how these songs were released), but it's a good kick in the ass to learn more about things outside of your comfort zone. OPPOSITION PARTY are not cool and/or hip, which is exactly why you should dig deeper.

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