18 September 2013


Sometimes you get an old tape from someone who ain't into punk anymore and it's just some jammers that their old pal made for them when they were in high school and not really concerned with accurately crediting the exact source of all the songs they were cramming onto that '90 minute Maxell. So according to that (probably stoned and/or gacked out) teenager, this is THE FARTZ. I ain't no expert, I just like to listen to the shit. I'm think these creamers are from the pre-FARTZ band 10 MINUTE WARNING, but I never bought the CD Sub Pop re-issued 15 years ago (or the 12" that Empty released more than two decades ago). Maybe I should. The vocals are the West Coast's answer to DIE KREUZEN, and the band just smokes - especially the fourth track (maybe it's called "Buried Alive") which is a breath taking tutorial on perfectly executed hardcore punk. The next ten minutes of your day just got a whole helluva lot better.


Anonymous said...

Yes,this is the 10 Minute Warning -Survival of the fittest demo.

01. Is This The Way It's Gotta Be
02. Judgement Day
03. Dead Solger
04. Buried Alive
05. Resistance

chris_c said...

fucken thanks!

Other Women said...

Duff Mckagan was in this band.