08 September 2013


Just...holy shit. In a world where gratuitous samples and songs about professional wrestling stood as equals alongside punishingly heavy hardcore - what was then the transformation of '90s political crust - there are few bands that stand the test of time. Sometimes, those bands are certified classics, and sometimes those bands are new discoveries like STAMANECH 6.40. Pissed as fukk but with an undeniable sense of levity, this shit is exactly what I need. I hope it is also exactly what my friends in Australia need after their apparent return to reactionary rule. Any time your newly elected prime minister declares that your country is "open for business," you should be very afraid...but the industrial remix of "Sabu" contained herein should serve as an escape and as a survivor of The Bush Years (all 12 of them) I can assure you that escapes are necessary. Politics aside, this demo was a total shock and totally rules.

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Aylmer said...

Escape in times like these is crucial for preservation of sanity, and we had the perfect antidote to the election blues last night with Thorax, ExtinctExist and DarkHorse blowing the fuckin' roof off. Thanks for thinking of us.