23 September 2013


Intense and unashamedly political chaos from a mysterious three piece. Relentless and blown out noise (not music), but done the right way: by accident. I don't really think that COLOR BLIND were trying to sound like an inept and out of tune cacophonous mess, but they do it so much better than legions of bands who choose this sound as a calculated tool. Don't know when this is from or where this from (I feel like it's LA, though I don't really have any rationalization for that feeling, it's just a hunch), but I know that it pushes the limits of acceptable noise and that the motivation is pure and with purpose, even if naive. Sometimes (often?), that's all I need. Also, they are really bad at spelling...I mean, like, really bad.

"Legal murder aproved by a blind world of hate, these inhumane crimes are organized by the human race. All products made for humans are tested on animals, we can't test them on ourselves we're to much of fucking cowards. A daily mass murder that you don't find disturbing, you contribute by wearing their dead flesh like it's some kind of fucking trophy. Us humans are free, shouldn't they be too? THEY ARE NOT SLABS OF MEAT, SLAVES OR MEDICAL TOOLS!!! All you libral jerk offs only see through conventions sigh, just cause it's a tradition doesn't right! YOU ARE ALL SADISTIC FUCKS, to pathetic to face it. That animals spend their whole lives in crates, gallows and cages, There is a solution, but first we have to know: how can you fix a fuck up that screwed up millions of years ago? DIRECT ACTION IS NEEDED, TIME FOR US TO CARE. NO ACCOMPLISHMENT WILL BE MADE WHEN YOU JUST SIT AND STAIR!!!"

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