11 September 2013


Maybe if BHOPAL STIFFS had released more than two records people would have paid more attention, and maybe if their sounds had reached the world's ears in 1983 instead of 1987 then people would remember them today...but history isn't always fair even when it is kind. History has definitely treated this ten track demo from 1987 kindly, and if this is a band you've skipped over then it's been your loss. Contemporaries of NAKED RAYGUN and EFFIGIES (and two of them would go on to form PEGBOY), this is brilliant melodic punk from well before the term was used in a derogatory manner. "Pay To Play" is my jam of choice, but there's not a clunker on this tape - no need to pick the thing apart, just do yourself a favor....I'm sure this isn't the original cover for the demo, but this is what Devon's tape looked like so this is what you get to look at. 


Chris said...

brilliant and very under rated - liked their tracks on the Consumer Blackmail tapes

yellow.eyes said...

Very cool. I remember this band from when I was a youngster and that they had a record on Roadkill, Ben Weasel's and gang's short-lived label. And now just went to Discogs to confirm I remembered correctly and found that a certain Martin Sorrendguy contributed photographs to a discog/collection CD of B.S. Time and place...small world...etc.