13 September 2013


Killer California bands on this early '90s compilation, but the tape's opener from Texas might be worth the whole damn thing on their own. Much of the tape is west coast punk from...: LOOKOUTS (second tier East Bay punk from the dude who marketed East Bay punk to the world with shocking success, arguably the most lucrative accident this side of NIRVANA), BLATANT DISREGARD (regular Escape visitors will hear their demo soon, way underknown Bay Area punk), NO USE FOR A NAME (early stuff, a must hear for people only familiar with the Fat Wreck output), STIKKY (if you don't know then you need to start learning), and SWEATY NIPPLES (every bit as ridiculous as you think the name makes them sound, but charming nonetheless) and CONFRONTATION (first EP was on Draw Blank....like INFEST, you fools, so get amongst this shit). DISRUPT are the east coast's lone representatives, their guttural dual vocal crust is especially raw on this recording - ripping lo-fi crust at its absolute finest from true masters. But my favorite bands on the comp are the bands I know nothing about...EXOTERACY (metallic edge of the late '80s punk spectrum), I think APOCALYPSE are from the Left Coast and their sneering thrash metal only reinforces my initial impression, and FREEWILL crank out some of the best 7 SECONDS worship I've ever heard (totally want to hear more from this band - anyone?)....and then there's DEAD HORSE. I don't want to make this a post about DEAD HORSE, but suffice to say that if there were any justice in the world then the words PANTERA and SLAYER would never pass the lips of a neanderthal metalhead unless accompanied by the words DEAD HORSE, and those metalheads would be better for it (as would we all). The true meaning of kvlt, DEAD HORSE are barren and brutal in the most brilliant manner, and while Texas has produced more than a few mandatory metal outfits, this band absolutely should have been in the big leagues and their catalog is well worth seeking out. "World War Whatever" starts the comp and it's the song of the day without question...so yeah, killer tape with killer bands, what the fukk else was I supposed to post today?


Anonymous said...

YES! Dead Horse love!

I grew up in Houston and now live in the Bay, so I'm loving this post. Dead Horse has never gotten the notice or respect they deserve. Needless to say Houston/Texas legends.

Thanks for knowing what's up!

Tony said...

Blogged & Quartered did a Freewill post a while ago with their demo and unreleased LP. The demo is especially good.


Anonymous said...

hey man, thanks for this one.