05 April 2013


A powerfully impressive world of sound from Honolulu has been bombarding me lately in the form of HARSHIST, yesterday's BAG OF CHISELS and this absolutely stellar compilation cassette. GNARWHAL's start to this half hour excursion is more than enough reason to dive in with both feet, driving early-FUCKED UP riffing fronted by snarls reminiscent of Mia Zapata, a comparison that should not (and is not) thrown around lightly. PHARAOHS follow up with a sinister burst of hardcore with hints of metalcore guitars peeking through otherwise burly neanderthal riffing and vocals pushed to their limit, and that flows into melancholic sounds from SUPER NICE. Chaotic and horribly disjointed hardcore from HERBIVOROUS MEN, while SIBLINGS and ILL STANCE are polished and ready for the mosh (it would be wise to learn some shout alongs for the breakdown), I TRAMONTI and WITCH BABY provide sweeter sounds (imagine swaying instead of raging), and MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST punish you for ever doubting the prowess of our most laid back state. Lazy garage sounds from DEAD DEAD MILLIES and an addictive combination of electronica and exotica from POG AND THE SLAMMERS (that would feel perfectly at home on the Dual Form compilation) round out this assortment, all the tracks mixed together like you are at one killer (and weird) party. I can assure you these kids are.


Corby said...

Thanks for the review Robert!!!

zhollows said...

This rules! Sounds like I need another vacation to Hawaii!