06 April 2013


You might need to leave some of your scene cred at the door if blasting mid tempo mosh metal isn't en vogue in your world - but these downtuned lurches grow hair on your knuckles and the Russian language (I think?) suits the gruff chants perfectly. The approach has more in common with '90s SXE/metalcore (before tech crap completely took over) - the sixth track is a perfect example of dumbed down (and slowed down) metal riffing delivered with crew vocals that seem to be shouting "Skinhead, Skinhead, Headskin, Headskin"...and it rules. RELIEF hail from Bulgaria, probably early '00s, though this particular artifact does not have a date and my carbon dating machine isa in the shop. Song titles below for those of you who can read Cyrillic.


Anonymous said...

they're from Bulgaria actually

the wizard said...

Noted, corrected, and appreciated.