26 April 2013


I live in San Francisco, California. I moved here from Oklahoma in 1995 (there was a really unpleasant year in Los Angeles in between the two, but it was sucky, uninteresting and not even remotely punk or worth mentioning), and even though a large part of my self was left in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where I lived from 2003-2008) I feel like this is home. It's not easy here...living expenses are astronomical compared to most of the country, it can be impossibly hard to meet and connect with people - even people with whom you might be close friends in a smaller city, sometimes I can go a month without seeing friends I truly like and care about simply because we are busy, and there's the bizarre backlash against a left leaning upbringing that causes some of the punks raised here to act exactly like the fukkn morons I was so very happy to get away from. But this is home, and the punk scene is a large part of that home and a large part of my life here. I can walk to Thrillhouse Records in five minutes, and chances are good at any given time that there's someone working or hanging out there with whom I would enjoy a chat and/or a beer. And there are the bands...more good ones than you can capture on one cassette (hence By Any Means Volume 2 coming by the end of the year with any luck), but the punks tried. Several bands you've probably heard of, and several more that you probably haven't, By Any Means is all over the place but flows perfectly. Sides are presented as two complete tracks since that is how they were intended, this 52 minutes does more than entertain me, because it is more than entertainment.

Copies still available from Fully Intercoastal.


Anonymous said...

Can you please reup "City Indians - Spoilsport" ???? Many thanks , Erika and a lot of friends!!

the wizard said...

I do not have the original for Spoilsport available to repost. I responded to several of your requests already. I have reposted the Root Of Freedom demo, sorry I cannot track down the one you are looking for at this time.

Brian Guy said...

Finally got a chance to listen to this comp and was pretty impressed with it.

I ripped it down track to track, side b was a pain in the arse to do that with.

Thanks again for posting this.


Brian Guy