03 April 2013


I don't like cops. I have had very few pleasant interactions with cops (although I am as sweet as honey when I am forced to talk to them). Even the times I have have thought "that cop ain't half bad...for a cop" have mostly just made me wonder why the fukk these seemingly pleasant and sane people chose to become cops. So when a Los Angeles cop named Dorner went all righteous and started killing people a few weeks back because the LAPD was racist, I was conflicted. On the one hand, this was a frustrated cop just calling it like he saw it and feeling pushed and wronged and lied to so much that he saw no other option. At the same time, this was a cop that killed people who had not one fukkn thing to do with any of his frustrations (your bosses daughter? really?), thus reinforcing the fact that he was, in fact, just another piece of shit cop. A piece of shit cop with an agenda that I at least partially agreed with? Perhaps. But still just a murdering cop. 

I think this outfit is from California, and they are to be commended on the swift (if not immediate) inclusion of current events into their band's moniker and aesthetic. Aurally, this is one track of feedback with poignant and anguished missives shouted erratically over the top, and one track of all encompassing powerfully electronic noise. Indeed, Dorner did not live every day like most of you...

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