23 April 2013


You like fast? Then you like PUSRAD. Old school USHC riffing with the BPMs ramped up to just a hair shy of utterly ridiculous, this Swedish two piece blazes through 31 songs in under 11 minutes...and that's not a typographical error. There are hooks galore, just precious little time for you to grab them  -"Errare Humanium Est" is the longest song on this collection, clocking in at a whopping 0:37, and the mid tempo breather it provides (the only one on the tape) is as welcome as its simple brilliance. A far cry from ten second blasts of nonsensical grind or noise, this is full speed hardcore stripped of everything but the most essential parts...think about listening to an abridged version of the TOTAL FURY 13 Songs 12" or the first DS-13 EP on 78rpm. It's almost a shame to hear so many great riffs and manic changes "wasted" on such a criminally short release (which is actually a collection of a 12" and two EPs and the thing is still just over ten minutes) - but it just means that you listen to it again as soon as your done to pick up the parts that you missed. Both members come from RAPED TEENAGERS, which probably does more to explain their style of hardcore meets manic and weird than I just did.

This was a part of a very fast package I received from Yakuzzi Tapes a while back. If you like fast, then these are your kind of people.

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Anonymous said...

YYYYYYYYYEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooowwwwwwww! This shit just tore through my house like a small localized Swedish tornado! You were NOT kidding about the blasting hooks through out this fucker. I feel like someone dragged a mile long halibut longline across my body at 50 knots. Splatastic!!