24 April 2013


Perhaps you have heard the six hour John Joseph autobiography in book-on-tape form? Well this is a little more spontaneous than that classic piece of work, but the next 30 minutes will leave your jaw on the floor. Krishna consciousness, scene politics, MOTÖRHEAD, label politics, it's all here and then some. CRO-MAGS never clicked with me - I understand and respect their importance, but the records have never blown me away. Seeing them live a few years back and hearing John Joseph threaten a "CRO-MAG beat down" from the stage followed immediately by an offer to "hug it out" certainly helped, but every time I put on Age Of Quarrel I'm just like meh instead of like whoa. But I get it...the shit is huge, and John Joseph's personality is bigger than the band now, just as it was then on a Baltimore area radio station.

"spiritual people should be merciful, but there's just a certain class of people that no matter how hard you try and how nice you try to be, they just kick it back in your face"
This was on the same tape, so why not include it in the same post? Unknown UK punk looking towards EDDIE & THE HOT RODS and the like, these tracks are from a good quality rehearsal recording in 1987....and with a drawing like that on the cover, how could I not include the whole tape?

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resistance 77 released a lot of stuff in the early 80's they had a single in 82 on riot city records called Nowhere To Play and another ep in 84 on rot records Vive Le Resistance and they same years they released an lp Thoroughbred Men witch is a total punk classic they reformed in 2000 and have released 4 cd and they are still going to this day check out there full discography hear http://www.discogs.com/artist/Resistance+77