18 April 2013


Maybe you've become accustomed to it already, and if not then I suggest you start adjusting yourself now - Japan makes really good punk. The next seven and a half minutes of blown out, catchy as hell and fast as fukk hardcore from 2003 only serve to drive this point home. SQUARE THE CIRLCE are energetic to the max and the hooks fly by almost before you can get hooked, multiple vocals absolutely command sing alongs (and dogpiles) and frantic circlepits must have been a mandatory occurrence at their shows. Get stoked, this demo is every bit as fun as it is ripping.

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Anonymous said...

Originally these legends are from Cheeseburg, ex-Noise Annoys, ex-Torpedo Moskau, ex-C3I
Torpedo Moskau made the smashhit "Langweilig", it's title is now slang, pronounced exactly like the song but noone knows it comes from a song