31 March 2013


This tape reeks of all of the same attitude that make their 2010 demo so brilliant. Smart and edgy punk that lazily invokes first wave sounds that were as rooted in alienation and creativity as they were in smashing paradigms and systems. The guitars are even more pronounced and important this time around, and the horns that dominate the start of the third track result in instant addiction that is only fueled by the burner that follows. Casually infectious vocals lope and lurch around the recording, a complimentary contrast to the insistent pace that LIVID pursues but in keeping with the attitude the project. The band is only marginally active (if at all) now, and this tape comes many months after the last time I saw them play...but it is a reminder of the energy they breathed into punks in this metropolitan area. It is an energy that was appreciated.

If these are available, and I hope that they are, you can likely get them here.

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Harvester said...

You beat me to it. I love this tape.