06 March 2013


This is hardcore that doesn't seem to exist anymore, and that is something that I lament more and more as I get older. BURIED's politics are personal and urgent, unfettered by adulthood or the crushing realizations that sometimes come with it. Musically, this is melancholic basement hardcore, fronted as much by Grant's guitar (that's Grant from ANIMAL FARM, WARCRY, TALK IS POISON, OJOROJO and others, in case you need a nudge) as by the soul baring idealism in the vocals, with an intensity not derived from playing faster or harder, but rather from simply meaning it more. Wisconsin has a rich punk and hardcore legacy dating back well over 30 years, and I am quite pleased that I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse, however brief.


zhollows said...

Yay! I lost this tape years ago. I used to listen to it weekly. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Animal Farm 7" deserves to be posted somewhere for the benefit of everyone who wasn't living in Milwaukee back in the day. I play it for everyone I can.

the wizard said...


It's all streaming here. All of the MKE pink you want (and even more that you probably didn't even know you wanted).