10 March 2013


I loved it from the initial burst of energy, and xSAXONx only got better from there. Early DRI energy seeps out of short start/stop bursts like "Religious Fraud" and "Screaming For Breakfast" giving this breakneck fastcore/thrash a familiarity well beyond some knowitall "I've heard fast hardcore before" bullshit. In The Night is the very epitome of doing something right instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and boring people to tears in the process - tongue in cheek when it wants to be but serious as fukk when it needs to be, the lyrics are every bit as on point as the riffs. Nine minutes of pure magic, please pay particular attention to the two minutes that makes up the breakdown in "Diamonds And Crust" into the fury of "Breaking The Edge" and I promise you will thank me.

Write them, I did and it was awesome - x4298x(at)gmail(dot)com - go see them in April if you live in England, or suffer like me if you don't. In the interest of full disclosure, I was drunk and blasting MOLLY HATCHET when I wrote this.


cthulag the jaundice said...

you kind sir are flirting with disaster!!!!!

evilbuttmunkeh said...

catching them with crippled fox and f.a.s.t. next month should be boss.