15 March 2013


- two tapes, two region specific compilations -

Children With Eyes That Hate You is more than a brilliant title, it is fifty minutes of unknown and under appreciated crust/punk/hardcore from Michigan. I think this tape came out in the early '00s, but a lot of the things that I think turn out to be wrong (just ask anyone who actually listens to me). Tracks from REPRISAL, VILENTLY ILL, HARDWARE HEALTH and loads more. This will be of special interest to those who like it raw, 19 bands in all.

I don't want to toot my own horn too much, but I've played shows in a lot of places. Some of them have been really cool and some have kinda sucked (though I place the blame for the latter more at my own feet than anything else). One place that sucked? Boise, Idaho. Only played there once (I think? Maybe twice, but it was certainly never good), and have never seen any reason to return....until now. By no means is everything on this tape to my liking, but most importantly none of it sucks. Even if TIM BLOOD AND THE GUTPANTHERS ain't my jam, at least they are solid as fuck, and there is more than enough magic on this tape to make me curious about the potential for good times in Boise: LITTLE MISS AND THE NO NAMES, killer old school USHC from SOCIAL ANTIDOTE, snotty punk from TOILET BABIES, raw hardcore from PIG NOOSE, even rawer hardcore from the unfortunately named CAT MASSACRE, amazing guitar driven madness from VIPE...the title speaks volumes here, because every single one of these bands is new to me. A secret perhaps, but one that is well worth spreading around.

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Anonymous said...

Children was mid/late 90s. Mostly bands from the west side of the state/cities north of metro Detroit. That whole scene sort of just disappeared. Still a cool slice of history.