20 March 2013


You can feel the menacing circle pit start to swell up from the first notes of "Anxiety Attack" and then the follow up tune lurches the mass forward, crashing a mess of bodies and sweat headlong into a band that is already at the very brink of complete destruction. SLAG dish out bare bones hardcore with unparalleled fury, tempered only by UK82 bass lines that offer the only discernible hooks aside from the ones that manage to sneak out of a guitar that is being mercilessly beaten in the name of punk. These sounds are made with intent - mean as hell but still infectious, file this alongside S.H.I.T. and VIOLENT FUTURE (unless you are a stickler about alphabetizing).


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Anonymous said...

I thought for a second this was the short lived state college band of the same name from 1989 til I opened it up...the guitarist went on to be in Don Cab from pgh. Not the same band but Im sure Ill dig it.Some day ill have to send you my Slag demo since ill probably never get it digitized(basically they remind you of Don Cab with singing/lyrics)...just have a hard time parting with stuff from my young life. haha. Robert,Thank you for the huge volume of sounds