30 March 2013


After four demos (according to Encyclopedia Metallum), Phoenix's NUCLEAR DEATH dropped this bomb on the metal underground in 1990. Just under one half hour of insane blasts and manic riffing, this is aggressive death/thrash played by people who were obviously well capable of playing complete crap but instead selected nonstop speed and schizophrenic mania as their delivery method of choice. Much of this demo requires full attention - this is not an "in the background at the keg party" metal record, it is instead more of a "sitting in me bedroom wearing sweatpants trying to decide if I am going to kill myself or other people or just let myself go completely insane" metal record. The first 45 seconds of "Cremation" make up some of the most bizarre and frustrating sounds I've come across in many moons....NUCLEAR DEATH will challenge you both musically and mentally. You don't want me to talk about the lyrics. Trust me.


ido said...

"Feral Viscera

Is it my mind within your life?
as I tear open your throat
Or is it my life within your mind?
as I suck on your open wound...

I lay within your viscera
cold and wet against my flesh
together we dream of darkness
and of death, my only love... "

The lyrics seem to focus mostly on the theme of ultra-violent incest and body horror. With insects. Its done in a very articulate way, actually. If that makes any damn sense.

The lead singer is a woman. She actually sings out discernible (to me, at least) words, growls, and almost traditional metal wails sometimes. Rather than the usual death metal/grindcore vocals most bands opt for. I definitely prefer this.

Musically this is more complex and unique than anything else I've heard this side of prime MORBID ANGEL. The riffs are just swirling, spastic. Out of control, and totally in control at the same time. The bizarre balance.

"Feral Viscera," "Cremation," "Fetal Lament: Homesick", and "Bride of Insect" are the standouts. But the whole things works as just one continuous work.

I'm glad I'm listening to this now and not as a teen. I don't think I could have handled it then.

Chad Weatherford said...

and a happy easter to you too, my friend...

Kyle said...

i found a sealed copy of this on LP at an oakland thrift store.

i sold it for $100 bucks.

no bad.

Anonymous said...

if I knew people would like this shitty band, i would have kept my vinyl and sold it on ebay for as much as possible,any idiot willing to pay for this deserves to be ripped off

The L-RV said...


This shit rips.