26 March 2013


Somewhere between the worlds of New Age and avant garde film scores and free form psychedelia you will find this release from DINO & NIC. Four tracks spanning just under one half hour, Plays Theme From Dino & Nic is a score to a life led exclusively after sunset and under the influence of intense determination. I was struck when one online review compared the duo to avant/electronic pioneer Nic Raecevic, because the latter's Beyond The End...Eternity from 1971 was the very first thing that I thought of when I let this release set in (honestly, Karoline bought it for me at Bullseye back in '06 and I still listen to it on the regular). Perhaps you should award yourself extra nerd points if you are still reading this missive, but I assure you a serious listen will result in some much needed mind time.

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