17 March 2013


Sometimes I need things like this. Buffalo's SPACE WOLVES expertly dish out hopelessly catchy and wistful laments, some clocking in well under half a minute and many summing up a wide and confusing array of emotions in a mere sentence or two. "I Saw You (With Your Boyfriend)" is a perfectly dour number that is well worth the entire cassette, but that track is just the tip of the iceberg - "(It Broke) My Heart (When You Forgot My Name)" is a SMITHS-esque missive while "Pizza Ice Cream (Is My Dream)" is pure innocence in song. This tape will melt the studs right off your jacket.


Anonymous said...

reminds me of Mighty Mighty (of C86 fame) too. not that that's a stretch..enjoyed this.

Ed said...

Thanks - loads of stuff here I haven't seen a million times before (and that's what its all about isn't it...) ;o)