12 March 2013


I confess that I have spent as much time listening to weird shit lately as I have spent listening to punk. While much of the "other" sounds I've been cramming in my earholes isn't really that far removed from the bizarre sounds that fascinated me when I was a despondent teen, there are a few acts who tweak those sounds in such unbelievably brilliant ways...and SEWN LEATHER are one of these acts. Perhaps Chondritic Sound (whom I have become convinced can do no wrong whatsoever) described it better than I can: "one side of blistering, distorted rhythms, creeping feedback and Griffin's trademark intonation, and one side of spaced out tape manipulation, warble, noise and vocals." That pretty much sums it up, but I will add that SEWN LEATHER is an impossibly tweaked mindfuck of astronomical proportions....the first track here is the nastiest imaginable incarnation of what I think might be considered EBM, while the flip is just twelve minutes of the sound of awkward and wrong. Get weird.

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ido said...

I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.