18 December 2012


For those of you who think that hardcore just isn't angry anymore, I offer WRITE OFF. Nine minutes of downtuned face melting hardcore that spends most of its energy churning out infectious mid tempo riffing...but when they ramp the tempo up to a blinding whir it might be best to stand back. Highlights: the brief moment of straight punk at the 0:19 mark of "Stumble" and the terrifying mosh build up that takes up a about half of "Dodger." Also, "State The Obvious" in its entirety...do I really have to pick a favorite part?


jason said...

Played with Write Off at a killer fest in Victoria. Their set was one of the highlights of the night. Total ragers -- people rightfully lost it for their set.

Bubba said...

Wow thanks fer the rad words! Fucking stoked people dig it! We are working on new shit right now. 10 more new songs. Fucking stoked! Thanks!