11 December 2012


The speed and intensity from the first MDC record with harsh and articulate vocals a la NOTA, 23 tracks in all, and there's seriously not a dud among them. As is too often the case, if this band had existed four years earlier or in a punk mecca like SF or DC then you'd see their name scrawled across the leather jackets of legions of teenagers trying to relive glory days that may or may not have ever existed. These songs are taken from the 1987 Storm Und Stress demo, one of three recording sessions crammed onto one CD a few years ago. This is well worth your time (would I lie to you?), and I challenge you to not sing along to "Fuck You Shut Up" when the mosh breakdown/chorus kicks in.


FuseRed said...

convinced me... looking forward to hearing this. thanks.

Honquijote said...

- Thanks for the post. Great stuff... =)