09 December 2012


The opening tracks on EUTHANASIE's 1985 cassette release is a 5+ minute brooding goth/anarcho number with perfectly crafted (and understated) flanged guitar leads and the ominous "this is the end my friend // no way out" repeated for a full 60 seconds, pulling a shroud over what is to be an hour of music even before your journey is under way. But even though "Tag X" follows with a similar  melancholy off kilter UK styled punk vibe, they launch into into ferocious rudimentary pogo punk at the three minute mark proceed to tear through two more tunes before slowing down again with "Justified Rape," a brilliantly dreary female fronted number that owes more to dark mental recesses than to fiery punk. The tape continues on this path, teetering between UK anarcho, Deutsch Punk and primitive goth punk, tracks taken from rehearsals, studio sessions and live gigs (and presented with a degree in quality as varied as you would expect). EUTHANASIE had a very limited output during their run (much of which was put to wax by Looney Tunes a couple of years back), but I'm struck by how perfect their mix of sounds is for the current explosion of spiky UK worshipping punks diving into the world of goth and new wave sounds except this is delivered with determination and fire rather than calculation and flare.


Anonymous said...

Would be great if this is re-uploaded. This is pretty rare and good.

the wizard said...