15 December 2012


I got a package from Chondritic Sound a couple of weeks ago, and this BAD NEWS cassette has been on near constant rotation ever since. Waves of frustration crash in desperate rhythms, driven into the ground by distorted minimal percussion and a swarm of sound. Not harsh by any means, BAD NEWS just come off as intent. The second track almost pulls off late '80s industrial dance/industrial BPMs, but accompanies it with such a dizzying array of oddities and shrill female vocals that the result has more in common with solitude in dark corners than crowded dark dancefloors. While obviously aware of the primitive (mostly) electronic music they will get compared to (SKINNY PUPPY, JOINED AT THE HEAD, CONTROLLED BLEEDING), these sounds are a progression and not just an homage. I have a feeling this is going to be on rotation for a while.