30 December 2012


For folks who think that the term "synth punk" applies only to dreamy and artificially introverted idealists in tight pants moping about in dark corners. Aggressive and in your face dual vocal punk, an insistent Korg attack with live drums. There are moments you can shake your ass to, but this is primarily rock music - just reinterpreted and twisted. 


zhollows said...

Moments of this kind of remind me of early Atari Teenage Riot. But only kind of. I like shaking my ass and rocking, so this is good!

Anonymous said...

This is really good . But i'm pretty sure they are from Quebec not France .

Bleu Méthylène said...

HEY!thank you very much for this review!! If you want to know more about BP Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BP-Black-Piranha/213968681973088

Nathalie from BP Black Piranha

the wizard said...

Canada - duly noted.
And Nathalie: Cheers!! Thanks for the sounds!