02 December 2012


For those not familiar with the subcultural geography of the outer Bay Area suburbs, Concord is not exactly a hotbed of action, and especially not one with a rich history. This is the town where the teenage punk weirdos live before they move to SF (in the '70s/'80s) or Oakland ('90s/'00s) and start doing awesome shit. Maybe they had a rudimentary punk band while they lived at their mom's house, but then they came to the big city, started doing cheap drugs and made magic. It's a place where people start and where people finish, not a place where people live...I mean maybe I don't know what the fukk I'm talking about (entirely possible), but the only show I ever saw there was MAIDEN. It's kinda like Hayward, but further away. If you share my preconceptions and prejudices, then prepare to eat your shorts. They will taste like 14 minutes of rapid fire hardcore recorded in 1986. There's a slight posi vibe, but DECLINE are so damn frustrated and intent on breaking out that any positivity is shrouded in determination. Concord.

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Anonymous said...

Concord always gets a pass because Concord produced Sewer Trout.