23 December 2012


Nasty, downtuned grind is about to fill the next 11 minutes of your life. This shit is just plain ugly. It is also really really fast. I was talking with my pal John a few weeks back (well, technically we were texting, which is really just the modern version of talking, even for grown ups) about how we had this unspoken (actually, it was often spoken) no grind policy for years and how we had both recently opened up to grind and discovered that having our faces melted was actually kinda pleasant. CELLGRAFT is exactly the kind of band that helped change my mind (or open my eyes), except CELLGRAFT is better than most of the bands that helped change my mind (or open my eyes). This shit is just searing intensity captured on this little 1/4" piece of tape. Seriously, how do they cram all that anger on that little thing? I don't know, but I'm glad they did.

Learn more here, but as usual I am a little late to the party. CELLGRAFT are done.


The L-RV said...

Cellgraft is a great example of great Grind.

Grind is good for you - it's my cup of coffee in the morning...

The Boo said...

Dude. So glad I revoked my no grind policy. This shit fucking kills. Love it!