20 December 2012


A complete departure from the vast majority of posts on The Escape, Washington, DC's HAND GRENADE JOBS spend the better part of a half hour pouring raw emotion into a glass and then watching it shatter, spilling all over the table. These two women take musical arrangements that are unconventional at the very least (within the confines of punk, that is) and deliver wistful, soul searing sounds..."Witchcraft" is all consuming, while "Move Away" is among the most beautifully reflective tracks I've come across. If I told you that such transfixing intensity could come primarily from xylophones, vocals and percussion then you might think me insane...so I won't tell you.

When I cannot take your reality, I make my own

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post and music. Also thank you to the musicians who made this great tape.