04 December 2012


I can't imagine a scenario where PREGASM would play any sort of role in today's punk scene. But in 1994 it made sense that a band of weirdos in Seattle were cranking out spastic industrial punk dirges with ridiculously downtuned death metal guitars. Political lyrics (in the '90s sense: Rush Limbaugh, suicide, and the war on drugs are all given the business) and a low end attack built around the experience more than the riff. Spend enough time with this one to really remove yourself from compartmentalized present day punk and hardcore and you'll see even more relevance than is initially apparent....and also they sometimes remind me of LORDS OF LIGHT, which is a good thing.

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William Wheelright said...

Oh yeah, and they were on this comp. with a bunch of more known bands. I always thought their track was funny sounding but still fit in with this. http://www.discogs.com/Various-We-Are-All-Guilty-A-Northwest-Punk-Compilation/release/674913