05 December 2012


After an oppressive introductory passage that weighs on you like a mountain of disappointment, Edmonton's FALSEHOOD rip off the roof. Four minutes into a two note soliloquy, anguished black crust comes blasting out of the speakers - just a taste of what is to come on the five song, 25 minute exercise. While the presentation is often just as important as the riff, serious attention has been paid to both (take the brutal unwavering simplicity that takes up the final two minutes of "Waste" as a prime example) and while it's obvious the FALSEHOOD has jammed their fair share of melodic crust into their earholes, they sidestep mimicry with a chaotic production and howling pained vocals while tracks like "Victims" could still easily win over the whole of Northern Europe with devastating heaviness. You can call it Blackened Melodic Doom Crust if you like, or you can call it good.


Anonymous said...

Have I ever mentioned that you are so freakin' awesome?

Chad Weatherford said...

thank you for this. can't say what i like about it, but it's just all doomy & awesome as balls.